David Kyei-Nuamah

Research Associate

David is currently a PhD. Candidate of Education Policy Studies at the prestigious East China Normal University’s (ECNU) Education Department, Shanghai, China. He holds a Master of Education Degree in Comparative Education from Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU), China, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Central University, Ghana. In addition, David Kyei-Nuamah holds professional certificates in Chinese language training, Academic Writing, and Global Diplomacy. He has also received training in Databases hosted by the Oxford University Press. David’s research areas include education policy, educational leadership and governance, and philosophy for education. Specifically, he focuses on vested interests in educational governance and African philosophy for education. He is currently on two research projects as a researcher and research assistant focusing on the Association of African Universities (AAU) and Ghana’s Basic education, respectively. David is a tutor of English in Shanghai, China. He is also a research/graduate assistant at the International Comparative Education Department, ECNU.