In-depth studies of Africa-China ties

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The Atlantic Council in collaboration with the Afro-Sino Centre of Internal Relations (ASCIR) and the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) is set …

The Mandate

The Afro-Sino Centre of International Relations was set up in 2019.

The founders, Pamela Carslake and Arhin Acheampong, two professionals with expertise in international relations, came together to establish this research centre following topical debates vis a vis China’s dominant presence in Africa.

The Centre’s mandate is to undertake research on China’s engagements with Africa, focusing on key areas of collaboration between the two partners, to objectively assess the nature of their relations.

What we do

ASCIR has research on Africa-China as a core mandate. The Centre aims to be a research hub and seeks to partner with other research institutes. We have collaborated with institutions such as the Atlantic Council and the Institute of Chinese studies New Delhi, as well as independent researchers in the Afro-Sino space.

The Centre in the long term intends to become a key resource in connecting institutions and researchers outside of the continent with African researchers and institutions.


We bridge the gap in information and awareness through advocacy, leveraging social media and other information channels.


We provide expert advice to relevant stakeholders, Using the specialised knowledge acquired through our research

P. R. Platform

our peer review platform allows for research papers and proposals to be evaluated and scrutinized by experts in the field across the globe.

The Team

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