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Central to ASCIR’s mission is the commitment to serve as a leading research hub in Africa. We are further committed to fostering partnerships with other esteemed institutions on Africa-China engagements specifically, and South-South cooperation broadly.

What we do


ASCIR conducts in-depth research on the various dimensions of China-Africa relations. This includes economic collaborations, political engagements, cultural exchanges, with Security, Health and Immigration as cross-cutting areas. Research findings are disseminated through reports, publications, and academic journals, contributing valuable insights to the global discourse on Afro-Sino relations. The Centre employs a transdisciplinary approach, combining historical context, contemporary analysis, and future projections to provide comprehensive understanding of the evolving dynamics between China and Africa.​


ASCIR is actively engaged in advocacy efforts to promote a nuanced understanding of Africa-China relations as it pertains to Africa and the rest of the world. This involves dispelling misconceptions, highlighting positive collaborations, and fostering constructive dialogue. The Centre utilizes social media platforms, seminars, webinars, and public events to raise awareness and engage with diverse audiences, including policymakers, academics, and the public.


ASCIR provides expert consultancy services to a range of stakeholders, including governments and their agencies, NGOs, businesses, and international organisations. Consultancy services may involve policy recommendations, strategic planning, and impact assessments related to Africa-China engagements. The Centre's team of experts offer tailored solutions based on the latest research and a deep understanding of the socio-economic and political landscapes globally.

Peer Review Platform

ASCIR's peer review platform serves as a rigorous evaluation mechanism for research papers and proposals related to Africa-China relations. Experts from around the globe, specialising in relevant fields, participate in the peer review process, ensuring the highest academic and policy standards. The platform also fosters collaboration and networking among researchers to promote the exchange of ideas among others.

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