In-depth studies of Africa-China ties.

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Sino-African Relations: African State Effectiveness and Local Aency

October 1, 2021, 8AM EST

Origin: LSE The Chinese state is the poster child of using digital tools for domestic surveillance and censorship. But China is not …

The Oxford Business Group’s Agriculture in Africa 2021 Focus Report highlights the importance of agriculture on the continent by pointing to the …

With China’s Belt and Road Initiative expanding around the world, the African continent has become one of the newest arenas for U.S.-China …

Source: The Conversation Aid, trade and foreign direct investments typify China’s global rise and its African activities. Central to China’s expanding relationship with African …

The empirical motivation for the argumentation in this paper comes from observing Africans in China, especially in the markets of Guangzhou and …

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, recently recycled the narrative of Chinese debt traps in Africa during his virtual conference, where …

china zambia relations

China has been accused of neo-colonialism in Africa, with many pointing to Chinese engagement in Zambia as an example of China exerting …

China’s active presence in Africa has been polemical, resulting in an array of divisive opinions over the nature and motivation, driving China’s …

“This is a Chinese product so it will not last.” The durability and quality of Chinese products have come under scrutiny for …

Russia – Africa Summit

Russia recently hosted a two-day Russia-Africa summit in Sochi. In attendance were representatives of all 54 African countries, including 43 African leaders …

The Executive Directors of the Afro-Sino Centre of International Relations (ASCIR) headquartered in Ghana, paid a two-day working visit to Burkina Faso. …

SOURCE: China Africa Project Website There’s ample evidence of a sharp decline in Chinese lending to developing countries, specifically in Africa. But …

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The Mandate

The Afro-Sino Centre of International Relations was set up in 2019.

The founders, Pamela Carslake and Arhin Acheampong, two professionals with expertise in international relations, came together to establish this research centre following topical debates vis a vis China’s dominant presence in Africa.

The Centre’s mandate is to undertake research on China’s engagements with Africa, focusing on key areas of collaboration between the two partners, to objectively assess the nature of their relations.

What we do


ASCIR’s AU/FOCAC Assessment Report research analyzes Afro-Sino relations broadly based on the African Union’s Agenda 2063 (The Africa we Want) and the Beijing Action Plan which culminates into the Forum for China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). We assess Africa’s 50-year development plan vis-à-vis Beijing’s rolling 3-year action plans meant to advance Afro-Sino relations.
The Center will produce annual sub-assessment reports and 3-year full assessment reports to be presented at FOCAC meetings. These assessment reports will inform and guide policy makers and stakeholders on Afro-Sino relations.

Three Pillars of Research

ASCIR will undertake research mainly in three focal areas; Environment, Education and Economy (Infrastructure/Trade/Investment) with Security and Migration being cross-cutting areas. The Center’s focus will be to assess Afro-Sino relations primarily in these areas and will prioritize these areas in all our research except in situations where specific decisions have been made to do otherwise.


We bridge the gap in information and awareness through advocacy, leveraging social media and other information channels.


We provide expert advice to relevant stakeholders, Using the specialised knowledge acquired through our research

P. R. Platform

our peer review platform allows for research papers and proposals to be evaluated and scrutinized by experts in the field across the globe.

The Team

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