ASCIR at the 16th Beijing Forum

ASCIR’s Executive Director, Pamela Adwoa Carslake, was at the Beijing Forum organised by the Centre for African Studies at Peking University, Peking University African Students Association and UNESCO. The forum was held from 2nd to 4th December 2023 with the theme, African Youth Development and China-Africa cooperation.

The Forum brought together African and Chinese scholars, to present on various topics in relation to the overarching theme. Ms Carslake was given a platform to give a presentation on ‘the need for digital transformation (education) for the empowerment of African youth’. In her presentation, she touched on the need for African youth to be trained in digital skills, to meet the demand of the labour market and to be globally competitive. This transformation, she asserted is necessary for the African youth to tap into their potential of driving the economic transformation of the continent. She further opined for an inclusive digital transformation on the continent, where females and vulnerable people, particularly in the rural areas are not left behind.

The Centre is honoured to be given the platform to be among many excellent scholars, to share ideas and solutions to drive Africa-China cooperation for mutual development.

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